Attention Exam Candidates and Prospective Examinees:  In July 2017, NAB will transition its examinations to a new structure: examinees will need to pass a 100-item “core of knowledge” section and a 50-item line of service section. Please be advised that there will be a brief “blackout” period during this transition, in which no NAB exams will be administered. Examinees and prospective examinees must either plan to take the exam in its current form by June 30, or to prepare to take the new examination form after July 1. Study guides and reference lists will be revised in accordance with the new exam structure some time this spring.


NAB is the National authority on licensing executives in long term care dedicated to delivering quality.

NAB's members are the 50 states' and the District of Columbia’s boards and agencies that license long term care administrators. NABWEB.ORG is your source for information on licensing exams, continuing education, academic accreditation and other information on long term care administration.

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