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A New Model for LTC Licensure and Care

CLICK HERE to view qualifications needed to apply for the Health Service Executive (HSE) qualification.

NAB is excited to introduce the Health Services Executive (HSE) qualification, a broad-based credential which will allow our most talented administrators to practice along the continuum of health services and supports  and enjoy portability of their HSE license. To earn the HSE qualification, an administrator will document their education, experience and  pass a comprehensive exam that covers the core of knowledge from all lines of service, as well as modules in NHA, RCAL and Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS).  

NAB’s proposed Licensure by Equivalency offers a solution to licensure portability. Portability models based on common competency standards have been successful in other professions (e.g., doctors, nurses, pharmacists, occupational therapists) as an acceptable pathway for entry-level and experienced practitioners to demonstrate qualification for licensure. NAB proposes the new qualification standard of “Health Services Executive” (HSE) as a broader, more inclusive combination of education, experience, and examination as meeting the equivalence of licensure qualifications for nursing home administrators (NHA), assisted living administrators (RCAL), and for home- and community-based services (HCBS).

Graduates of a NAB-accredited HSE program, of which two years is dedicated to the long-term care administration major and which includes a minimum 1000-hour field experience, would be eligible to apply for the HSE. An additional pathway will be offered that recognizes currently licensed administrators who meet the new HSE qualification standard. Under this approach, states will maintain their individual existing pathways to current licensure for NHA, RCAL, and HCBS, as applicable, which is especially important for the new licensee that elects to maintain permanent state residence and/or practice in a specific line of service. In addition to their existing licensure categories, states are only asked to adopt the HSE qualification standard as an alternative pathway to support practice in multiple lines of service and portability of an individual’s license. States desire exceptional candidates to efficiently earn the privilege to practice, while promoting public safety through rigorous education, ongoing competency development, and accountability.

Click here to view the HSE "tip sheet."