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Interested in becoming a NAB Certified Sponsor?

As a provider/sponsor member of NAB, your organization/company is eligible to participate in NAB's Certified Sponsor program. All NCERS member types (standard or corporate) are eligible to apply. NAB certifed sponsors have exclusive program benefits enabling them to bring their customers just in time education without incurring hefty late fees.

In order to be eligible to become a certified sponsor, the following criteria must be met:

  • The Sponsor must be reputable in the field of expertise related to the subject presented and associated with any of the following: an accredited educational institution, a recognized professional or trade association, or other legitimate entities capable of conducting adult continuing education.
  • The Sponsor must have been a proven provider of continuing education under the
    NCERS program for at least 2 years and have submitted a minimum of ten programs for review during their membership period.
  • The Sponsor must complete and sign the Sponsor Agreement which sets forth the
    stipulations for continued approval.

Applications for certified sponsor are reviewed twice a year. The application deadlines are as follows:

  • March 15th – Applications will be reviewed during NAB’s Annual meeting which occurs in June of each year.
  • August 15th – Applications will be reviewed during NAB’s Mid-Year meeting which occurs in November of each year.

To apply for Certified Sponsor Status, please contact nab@nabweb.org to request access to the online Certified Sponsor application. Late applications will not be accepted.

Please note: All sponsors will need to have a minimum of one (distance learning or in person) program reviewed by a NAB representative prior to application review. This program will need to be completed a minimum of one month prior to NAB’s Annual or Mid-Year meeting. If a program is unable to be reviewed prior to the meeting, your application review will be deferred to the next meeting date.

Beginning in November 2019, all providers who currently certified sponsor members of the NAB will be required to renew their status. NAB is diligently working to send all sponsors notification regarding their renewal dates. Sponsors will be contacted via email with directions on how and when to renew their certified sponsor membership. The links below will provide additional information regarding renewal along with example forms. All applications will be completed through an online renewal system. Paper application forms submitted will not be accepted.

Certified Sponsor Intent to Renew
Certified Sponsor Renewal Application

For more information regarding certified sponsors, please contact NAB at nab@nabweb.org.