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HSE Education Pathway

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HSE Accredited Universities

The following universities are HSE-Accredited by the NAB. Graduates of these universities with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in long term care administration from one of these entities may apply for the HSE™ through the Education pathway.

Please Note! Graduates of those universities who were previously NAB accredited (as denoted with ***) may apply using the Education Pathway if they graduated within the last three years of the approval date of the university. Graduates from our newly accredited universities can apply through the Education Pathway if their graduation date is after the original accreditation date. For more information regarding the HSE qualification, please email hse@nabweb.org.


Bowling Green State University***
Bowling Green, Ohio

Nancy A. Orel, Ph.D., LPC  
 HSE Accredited June 2018
Concordia College***
Moorhead, Minnesota
Daniel Anderson
HSE Accredited June 2019
Eastern Washington University***
Spokane, Washington

Mary Keogh Hoss, PhD, CTRS, FACHE, FDRT
 HSE Accredited June 2018
Ohio University***
Athens, OH
Jeffrey Trace
 HSE Accredited November 2018
University of Minnesota-Crookston
Crookston, MN
Susan Klassen, MBA, RN, LNHA, HSE
 HSE Accredited November 2018
 University of Scranton***
Scranton, PA 
Robert J. Spinelli, MBA, MHA, DBA
HSE Accredited November 2018

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire***
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Ph.D., MPH
HSE Accredited November 2017
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Melanie Eaton, FACHCA, CNHA, MBA
HSE Accredited June 2019
Youngstown State
Youngstown, Ohio
Daniel VanDussen, Ph.D
HSE Accredited June 2019