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NCERS Pricing

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Please see the below NCERS pricing list effective September 1, 2017.

In Person (IP) Base Rate (1 - 6 hours)--$165.00
Each Additional In Person (IP) hour over 6--$25.00
Distance Learning (DL) Base Rate (1 - 3 hours)--$165.00
Each Additional Distance Learning (DL) hour over 6--$25.00
Additional Program Site/Date Fee (Applies to IP & DL)--$10.00
Web Registration Link--$70.00 
Annual Standard Sponsor Renewal Fee--$275.00
Annual Certified Sponsor Renewal Fee--$400.00
Annual Corporate 10 Renewal Fee--$1,320.00
Annual Certified Corporate 10 Renewal Fee--$1,500.00
Annual Unlimited Corporate Renewal Fee--$2,640.00
Annual Certified Unlimited Corporate Renewal Fee--$2,880.00
Late Program Fee (Charged if standard program members submit a program less
than 45 days in advance and certified sponsors submit a program less than
3 days in advance)--$400.00
*Corporate Sponsors can also submit an unlimited number of "open" programs (program fees will apply).

Note: Program Renewals are subject to the same fees listed above for both In Person and Distance Learning Programs