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NCERS Pricing

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Pricing list effective September 1, 2017

In Person (IP) Program

Base Rate for 1-6 program hours | $165.00

Additional IP hour(s) over 6 | $25.00 per additional hour

Distant Learning (DL) Program

Base Rate for 1-3 program hours | $165.00

Additional DL hour(s) over 3 | $25.00 per additional hour

Additional Program Site/Date Fee | $10.00

Web Registration Link | $70.00

Late Program Fee | $400.00

Charged if: Standard Member submits a program less than 45 days in advanced or a renewal is submitted 10 days or less and if a certified sponsors submit a program/renewal less than 3 days in advanced

NOTE: Program Renewals are subject to the same fees listed above for both In Person and Distant Learning Programs. 

Standard Sponsor Renewal | $275.00

Certified Sponsor Renewal | $400.00

Corporate 10 Sponsor Renewal | $ 1,320.00

Corporate Sponsor Unlimited Renewal | $2,640.00

Certified Corporate 10 Sponsor Renewal | $1,500.00

Certified Corporate Sponsor Unlimited Renewal | $2,880.00

NCERS Non-Compliance Fees – effective September 1, 2019

At NAB’s Annual Meeting, June 2019, the board approved Non-Compliance Fees for NCERS Sponsors which will go into effect September 1, 2019.

The fees are as follows:  

  • A $100 late fee per additional site that is not entered into the NCERS system on or before the program date.
  • A $400 reactivation fee for any sponsor whose membership has been suspended to be charged each time a suspension occurs.