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If candidates are applying for licensure in another state, a request might be made to complete a score transfer directly from NAB's testing company PSI. While an exam score will automatically be reported to the jurisdiction for which the exam was taken, a request will need to be made using one of the methods below to transfer your scores to additional states. The charge for a score transfer is $70.00.

Note: NAB guarantees candidate’s exam scores for 30 years. Prior to 1988, NAB did not administer the national licensing exam for long term care administrators and therefore cannot guarantee a complete record of your score.

OPTION 1:  Candidates can complete a score transfer request form online through their NAB Clarus account at if their exam was taken between 2011-2018. To complete a score transfer candidates will need access the Clarus account using the same email originally used when taking the exam. Please contact customer support at 1-833-892-5442 if this is no longer active. You can use this email to reset your password when logging into Clarus for the first time. Choose "ORDER a Score" to process a score transfer order request once logged into your account.

OPTION 2: A paper copy of the Score Transfer Request Form can be submitted to PSI. The form must be used for all candidates who took the exam prior to 2002 as your records are in the testing archives. This form needs to be completed in its entirety or the score transfer request will be delayed. Please allow 7-10 business days for the scores to be transferred.

Please note:  Please create an account at prior to submitting the Score Transfer Request Form. A delay could result in processing your transfer request if an account is not created. Thank you!