Exam Info

If you need technical assistance for nabweb.org, please contact NAB directly atnab@nabweb.org or call 202-712-9040. If you need scheduling your exam please contact PSI at 1-833-892-5442.

Please see the NAB Candidate Handbook. It can take up to 120 days to be approved by your state licensing board to take your exam(s).

Per the Exam Candidate Handbook, your state licensing board/ jurisdiction will release all exam scores. Please contact the jurisdiction under which you applied. 

If candidates are applying for licensure in another state, a request may be made to complete a score transfer to the new jurisdiction. While an exam score will automatically be reported to the jurisdiction for which the exam was taken, a request will need to be made to transfer your scores to additional/ new states. The charge for a score transfer is $70.00.

Note: NAB guarantees candidate’s exam scores for 30 years. Prior to 1988, NAB did not administer the national licensing exam for long term care administrators and therefore cannot guarantee a complete record of your score.

Prior to July 2017, NHA exams included a single score encompassing both NHA and CORE content. Beginning in July 2017, separate scores are reported for NHA and CORE content. Therefore before July 2017 there will only be one score available for the NHA and two scores (NHA & CORE) starting July 2017.

Please visit the Transfer Exam Score page for direction on how to complete a transfer request.