Licensed Professional

CE Registry - Licensure Renewal


Where is my NAB ID?

You can find your NAB ID by logging onto with your credentials.

Go to the Customer Center. Under My Actions, click “CE Registry.”

A new page on our nabweb.learningbuilder site will open up. Click “My Account” in the upper right hand corner. This will redirect you to your Account Details page, which is where you can find your NAB ID, which begins with the letter R, followed by 7 digits.

If your license information has not been added to your account, you will need to add it before your NAB ID is visible. Please start/ begin the CE Registry, add your license information, and then the NAB ID will be available.

Access the CE Registry

1.  Sign In to
2.  Go to the Customer Center.
3.  Under My Actions, click CE Registry.
4.  You will be taken to a new page titled My Applications - Registries.
5.  The CE Registry will be available either under In Progress Applications or Credentials. 

If you have not started your CE Registry, please click My Account in the upper right corner, then Start/Begin CE Registry on the My Account page, add your license information and then begin your registry. Please do not click the begin HSE button unless you are starting a Health Services Executive application. 

Create a CE Registry