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NAB recommends consulting multiple resources when studying for the exams. Sole reliance upon a single source, such as only the study guide or practice examinations, can restrict your understanding and expose you to potential gaps in your knowledge. Please consult multiple sources in preparation for the exams. 

NAB Study Guide

The updated NAB Examinations study guide has now launched!

The new study guide encompasses information to aid examination candidates who are preparing for the national senior living and health services examinations including:

The Core of General Knowledge (CORE)
The Nursing Home Administration (NHA)
The Resident Care/Assisted Living Administration (RCAL)
The Home and Community Based Services Administration (HCBS)

Please note that all payments made for the NAB Examinations Study Guide are non-refundable and no cancellation requests will be honored, nor credits given for a partially used subscription. Please ensure all questions are answered regarding the product prior to purchase!

It is crucial for candidates to remember that while the study guide is a comprehensive resource, its overarching purpose is to GUIDE your studies and to be a part of your overarching study plan. It should not be your SOLE study resource. While the guide can help users develop and manage their studies, it should not be the sole resource used for NAB examination preparation. Please review the NAB Candidate Handbook for additional study tools and resources. These can also be found within the study guide.

Click here to purchase the Study Guide

Cost is $135.00 for a one year online subscription.

For questions regarding the study guide, please contact NAB at nab@nabweb.org.

The purchase of the study guide will appear as "NALTC Administrator Washington" on your credit card statement. 

Exam Infographic

Exam References

Below is a comprehensive list of recommended references that candidates can use to prepare for a NAB exam(s). As these resources are used in exam content development, it is strongly recommended to be familiar with content presented in each resource listed for the exam in which you are planning to take. Additional questions should be directed to nab@nabweb.org.

NAB launched updated examination forms in July 2022, which are based on the Domains of Practice developed after the 2020 Professional Practice Analysis (PPA) was conducted.

Practice Exams

NAB is pleased to offer candidates the opportunity for candidates to take national practice exams.

  • Simulate the exam experience.
  • Exposure to style and format of exam questions.
  • Exams by Line of Service available. 
  • Results provided by Domains of Practice.
  • One or two forms available for exams. 

Practice Exams Available

CORE 2 50 $60 for one form; $100 for two purchased as a bundle*.
NHA 2 30 $25 for one form; $42 for two purchased as a bundle*.
RCAL 1 30 $25 per form.
HCBS 1 30 $25 per form.

Access NAB Practice Exams

 Practice Exams: Respect the Rules, Protect Your Success 

Our practice exams are valuable tools, but sharing questions will constitute a violation of our copyright and terms of service. Consequences include:

  • Lost access: We might restrict future exams for violators. 
  • Legal action: Severe cases may lead to legal consequences. 
  • Limited resources: Unethical use harms our ability to offer these resources. 

Use the right way: 

  • Analyze questions, learn from mistakes, and seek explanations. 
  • Discuss concepts and challenges, but NEVER share questions. 
  • Focus on genuine learning for long-term success. 

*When purchasing a bundle, the second exam will not be available until the day after the first exam was completed.
Answers will not be given for the practice exam questions. This is a timed exam. The questions found on the practice exams will not be on the national exams.
Results are available under Completed Tests by the Domain and Subdomain level.
If you need technical assistance with the practice exams, please call GMetrix at (801) 323-5800. 

NAB Practice Exams are hosted on the Gmetrix platform as of November 1, 2022.
Any practice exams purchased after November 1, 2022 or on a different platform/ website are not authorized or supported by NAB.