Honorariums, Donations, & Grants


2015 – Preceptor Training Program Development

The honorarium was used to create the AIT Preceptor Online Course.

2011 – The First 24 Hours: An Unfolding Case Study in Person-Directed Care

A transdisciplinary clinical case study in resident-centered care. Support was received from the Pioneer Network for the Foundation’s participation in the Pioneer Network sponsored study. 


2007 – Effective Leadership in Long Term Care: The Need and the Opportunity White Paper

Awarded to the American College of Healthcare Administrators

2009 – White Papers on NHA and RC/AL

Due of a lack of a reference source for item writing specific to person centered care, the Foundation allocated funding to the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living and the Pioneer network to develop white papers on person centered care in skilled nursing and assisted living communities.

2006 – 2017, 2022 to Current – Advancing Excellence in Long Term Care Collaborative: Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Home Campaign

The Advancing Excellence Campaign resulted from a Quality Summit held in September of 2006 attended by legislators, government officials and association and industry leaders. It was a call to action to improve the quality of care in America’s nursing homes.

In November of 2006 a group of “Champion” organizations including the Foundation of the NAB held their first board meeting to organize as a collaborative to develop quality goals and initiatives in response to the summit.

26 organizations including six federal government agencies joined the campaign. Funding was committed by the member organizations, the Common Wealth Fund and CMS to fund the Campaign initiatives.

Over the next 10 years the Campaign flourished and recruited more than 50% of the nursing homes in American to enroll and select at least two quality initiatives to work on based on areas of weakness and a commitment to improvement. The Foundation of the NAB was an active supporter and participant and Randy Lindner, NAB Foundation President and CEO served on the AELTCC Board throughout the 10 years of the campaign, also serving as treasurer and helping to incorporate the Campaign as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

In 2015 the Common Wealth fund under new leadership ended their funding support of the campaign and CMS followed soon after. In early 2016 it was determined that the campaign could no longer be sustained due to a lack of funding. The Collaborative still exists but with a very different mission and the NAB Foundation ended its membership in 2018.

NAB became a member again in 2022 and is currently involved in the campaign.