2010 – Assessment of Practicum Site Quality and Sub-Factors

Awarded to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Primary Researcher

2011 - Does the Preparation and Background of Nursing Home Administrators correlate to selected quality indicators of a nursing home?

Awarded to St. Joseph College of Maine, Steven E. Chies, Primary Researcher

2014 – Impacts Education and Training Have on Development of Successful LTC Administrators

Awarded to Steve Chies; Steve Chies, Primary Researcher

2015 – Nursing Home Administrator and Organizational Roles in Nursing Home Quality: A Pilot Study to Establish Feasibility of Approach

Awarded to University of California Davis; Elena Siegel, Primary Researcher

2016 – Expanding and Enhancing University-Based Senior Care Administrator Programs: A Framework for Developing a National Dialogue and Strategy

Awarded to Dr. Doug Olson