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NAB's Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy sets out NAB’s policies regarding treatment of information that may be considered private and demonstrates our commitment to data privacy; it governs both our offline and online data collection practices.

Public Areas. When using the public portion of the website, one can do so anonymously. One is not required to provide NAB with any personal information and we do not monitor or collect any personally identifiable information from anyone on their use of the public portions of the website. NAB may track the number of users who visit areas of the website for internal use such as improving accessibility to website facilities and marketing, but this tracking will not identify anyone. NAB may also record the location of a computer on the Internet for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes and for reporting aggregate information.

Use of Personal Information. NAB uses the personal and professional information collected from NAB members and non-members (unless they opt out), when completing application forms, purchasing NAB products and services, completing questionnaires and surveys, and completing or updating profiles, in order to:

1. Meet our mission to communicate information to NAB Stakeholders;

2. Provide notice of important events, activities, and proposals;

3. Provide opportunities for NAB-related networking, professional events, and professional memberships;

4. Provide a directory accessible to others;

5. Compile and provide mailing, approval, and attendance lists for examinations and meetings;

6. Provide a list of members to committees and the Board of Governors; and

7. NAB-approved research projects which do not disclose personal identity.

NAB permits use of information for purposes related and beneficial to the profession, such as licensing the list to nonprofit associations in related fields and providers of education for noncommercial use. NAB does not sell, lease or provide to any person or organization personal information except as specified above, and approved by the NAB Executive Committee. NAB does not disclose credit card account information or social security numbers, except to submit the necessary information to an authorized state regulatory board/agency.

Queries. If one has any questions regarding privacy issues, would like to change information that they have provided, or suspect that NAB has handled their data in a manner that does not comply 20 with this Privacy Policy, they may contact NAB at