Yes! While applicants will need to take both the RCAL and HCBS exams, NAB will be the jurisdiction to approve these. Once they successfully complete both exams, they will HSE qualified through NAB.

Most HSE candidates will need to take both the Home and Community Based Services as well as the Residential Care/Assisted Living Exams. If you have taken a state exam in these areas, it will not count towards this requirement. You can find resources for each individual Line of Service exam within the NAB Candidate Handbook. The NAB Study guide will also be helpful as a preparation tool.

An individual who is validated as HSE qualified by the NAB in jurisdictions that do not have a Health Services Executive license category and where the individual is licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator or licensed as a Nursing Home, Residential Care/Assisted Living, and/or a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Administrator may use the abbreviation “HSE” after the individual’s name, however cannot use the title “Licensed Health Services Executive or the abbreviation “LHSE”.

Once you are HSE qualified, you can request a transfer by going to your HSE application and clicking the Request Transfer button at the top. Next select the state board where your information should be transferred and Continue Transfer Process. Additional information may be required, such as an update to your current license, work experience, and a NPDB report less than 30 days old. After bringing all required information up to date, submit the transfer. There is a $70 transfer fee per state board.