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Please review all the information below prior to purchasing the online-only NAB Study Guide. No refunds will be granted once a purchase has been completed.

To purchase a one year subscription to the NAB Study Guide, please click here.

Cost is $125.00 for a one year online subscription.

The NAB Study Guide provides an outline of all the various materials you need to know, plus provides tips on how to study for the exam.  This online-only resource is an extensive glossary of terms, a few real-life scenarios, and a sampling of practice questions that are similar to those you will find on the examination.

One of the study guide’s most valuable assets is the compilation of all the various books, websites and other material you will need to master in order to pass your examination. 

The Guide will function as the framework for your studies.  It will help you navigate the preparation process. The study guide is not intended to be a single source in preparing for the exam; rather it is to be used as a guide to sort through the considerable body of knowledge that administrators must know to function successfully in their chosen arena. 

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While every candidate's plan is different, a suggested study path may look like this:

  • Begin with a thorough review of the NAB Candidates Handbook. This handbook contains information regarding the exam specifications, which test(s) candidates need to register for, and other study resources to use. Make sure to review all sections of this handbook.
  • Next, begin the NAB Study Guide.  Conduct the research required in the Resources tab. A timely and relevant collection of references is there for you.
  • After you have completed your research, return to the Study Guide and assess your level of preparedness. Are you confident in your level of knowledge of the principles? Are you ready for the exam or do you need additional study? Preparing is an iterative process for most.
  • As a final measure, you may want to consider taking one or more of the NAB practice exams which provide a micro experience of the actual exam and a reasonable measure of your preparedness for success.

For questions regarding the study guide, please contact NAB at 202-712-9040.

For technical support or trouble purchasing or accessing the study guide, please contact Relias Learning at 1-800-910-0223 ext. 1.