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NAB’s brand is recognized as the authority for leadership core competencies in long term care.

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The mission of a NAB member state regulatory board or agency includes public protection of the residents of America’s skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities and home and community based services. As such, the NAB strives to support member boards and agencies in carrying out their mission through the development and provision of standards, shared resources, and tools to assist them in their role of licensure of nursing home, assisted living and home and community based services administrators.

The NAB conducts periodic research on the role delineation of long term care administration to determine the knowledge, skills and task of an administrator. The results of this research project, known as a job analysis study, is the basis for preparing administrators to enter the profession and to continue competency throughout their career. The domains of practice that result from the job analysis study are used to establish curriculum for academic programs, for administrator in training programs, for licensure examinations and for evaluation of continuing education programs.

The NAB and the Foundation of the NAB support and participate in collaborative initiatives to enhance the quality of care in America’s long term care communities in the interest of public protection. 

Who are NAB’s Members?

Regulatory boards and agencies responsible for licensure of long term care administrators in all 50 states and the District of Columbia are members of the NAB. In addition, every individual member of each state regulatory board representing the profession and the public interest are also members of NAB. NAB membership also includes former state board members whose terms have expired, and members representing allied professional and trade associations, academic institutions, continuing education providers and individual professionals who support NAB’s mission.