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The Foundation of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (the “Foundation”) is a nonprofit organization established to promote and enhance the profession of long term care administration to and on behalf of the organization’s members.  The Foundation was also created for the purpose of promoting quality care and public protection for the disabled and frail elderly populations. The Foundation carries out its mission through its support of quality improvement initiatives, leadership development and research. Below is a sampling of current and past initiatives of the Foundation:

National Emerging Leadership Summit: The GW NATIONAL EMERGING LEADERSHIP SUMMIT for Healthcare Administrators in Aging Services is a conference held at The George Washington University. The summit provides an opportunity for Generation X and Generation Y leaders in the field of health and aging services administration to engage in discussions of current best practices with other leaders, meet with representatives of key professional organizations, gain an inside perspective on the legislative process, and explore solutions for attracting and retaining other Generation X and Y leaders. The Summit combines current best thinking and a facilitated dialogue to provide a new perspective for both the participating individual and the broader field.

Study Concludes That NAB Exam Scores Correlate with Successes of Long Term Care Administrators and 5-Star Ratings

2012 White Paper Underscores Findings that Experienced Long Term Care Administrators Make Better Preceptors
The Next Generation of Long Term Care Leaders: 2012 NELS White Paper

Foundation Board of Trustees

Delvin Zook, NAB Foundation Chair

Lisa Hahn, NAB Chair

Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Chair-Elect

Gaylord "Z" Thomas, Treasurer

Michael Hickey, Secretary


Margaret McConnell, Trustee
Steven Chies, Trustee

Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Trustee
Sharon Parver, Trustee
Deb Veley, Trustee
Keith Knapp, Trustee

Randy Lindner, President & CEO

Governing Documents