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AIT Program Manual

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The National AIT Program Manual

AIT Preceptor ManualCLICK HERE to access the National AIT Program Manual!

In November 2016, NAB, in partnership with the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) launched the first national AIT program Manual The Interactive AIT Program Manual was designed to guide both the Preceptor and the AIT through the internship experience.  The goal of the manual is to: 

1. Provide the AIT with a solid foundation in the exciting field of long term care.

2. Encourage state licensing boards to adopt this manual for their AIT programs.

3. Establish a consistent AIT experience for all future leaders.


PLEASE NOTE: While this program is free to use, charging a fee for use of the course material as a stand-alone program is prohibited.

COMING SOON! Based on feedback received, NAB is working to transition the manual into a four part toolkit in the future.