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Listing of NAB Accredited Colleges and Universities

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The following institutions are currently accredited by NAB for either Nursing Home Administration (NHA), Residential Care/ Assisted Living (RCAL) or the Health Services Executive qualification (HSE). Please click on the school's hyperlinked name to be taken to their website. 

NAME Contact EMAIL Accredited Degree (Program Type)
Bellarmine University (KY)  
 Baccalaureate (HSE)
Bowling Green State University (OH)  Jennifer Wagner   Baccalaureate & Graduate (HSE)
Concordia College (MN)  Dan Anderson   Baccalaureate (HSE)
Eastern Washington University (WA)  Rosalee Allan  Baccalaureate (HSE)
Kent State University (OH)  Donna Alexander   Baccalaureate (HSE)
Saint Joseph's University (ME)  Steven Chies   Baccalaureate & Graduate (NHA)
Shawnee State University (OH)  Sarah Boehle   Baccalaureate (HSE)
Southern Adventist University (TN)  Lisa Kuhlman   Baccalaureate (HSE)
University of Minnesota  Rajean Moone  Baccalaureate (HSE)
University of Minnesota-Crookston  Macey Buker    Baccalaureate (HSE)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire  Jennifer Johs-Artisensi   Baccalaureate (HSE)
Utah Tech University  Tiffany Vickers/  Cindy Clark;

 Baccalaureate (HSE)
Virginia Commonwealth University  Jennifer Pryor   Graduate (RCAL)
Western Kentucky University  Melanie Eaton   Baccalaureate (HSE)
Youngstown State (OH)  Daniel VanDussen   Baccalaureate (HSE)