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New AIT Program Manual

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The National AIT Program Manual has been updated!

In partnership with the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA), NAB is offering a national interactive AIT Program Manual to guide both the Preceptor and the Administrator in Training (AIT) through the internship experience. The goal of the manual is to: 
1. Provide the AIT with a solid foundation in the exciting field of long term care.
2. Encourage state licensing boards to adopt this manual for their AIT programs.
3. Establish a consistent AIT experience for all future leaders.

Based on feedback from state member boards, preceptors, and administrators in training, the AIT Program Manual has been overhauled. It is now a four module manual, with each line of service (LOS) having a dedicated module with a LOS specific self-assessment and professional development plan.  

The modules include the following:
Module 1: Guidelines for designing an AIT program. Phases of AIT program. AIT model standards covering domains. Flashcard links.
Module 2: Knowledge & skills. Domains of Practice. Sample learning activities.
Module 3: One Module 3 per Line of Service including a LOS specific self-assessment and professional development plan. Section for customization to include state content is included.
Module 3 - NHA  |  Module 3 - RCAL  |  Module 3 - HCBS  |  Module 3 - HSE         
Module 4: Reference material: glossary, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, therapeutic actions, common diagnoses. 

PLEASE NOTE: While this program is free to use, charging a fee for use of the course material as a stand-alone program is prohibited.