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Practice Exams

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NAB Practice Exams

Beginning on August 1, 2017, NAB is pleased to offer candidates the opportunity to take Practice Exams to simulate the actual examination experience within the new national examination structure.  The new structure requires first time candidates to pass a 100-item Core of Knowledge Examination for Long Term Care Administrators (CORE) and a 50-item Line of Service Examination for Nursing Home Administration (NHA), Residential Care/Assisted Living Administration (RCAL) and/or Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) as appropriate to the license that you are seeking. Candidates applying for the HSE Qualification through NAB will only take applicable Line of Service Examinations for RCAL and/or HCBS once their HSE application is approved.

Taking the practice exam provides a micro experience of the actual exam structure, style and format of questions, and a time format that mirror the actual exam. When taking the actual exam you are not provided answers to the questions, therefore to mirror that experience the answers will not be provided on the practice exams. At the end of the practice exam you will be given your scores, broken out by domain of practice, to help indicate the areas where you may need more preparation before the actual exam.

Two 75- item practice forms are available for the CORE examination ($60 for one form, $100 for two forms) Two 30- item forms are available for the NHA Line of Service Examination ($25 for one form, $42 for two forms). One 30-item form is available for each of the RC/AL and HCBS Line of Service examinations ($25 per form).


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