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Practice Exams

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NAB Practice Exams

NAB is pleased to offer candidates the opportunity to take practice exams to simulate the experience of the national examinations.

The following practice exams are available, either as a single form or as part of a 2 form bundle.   

CORE 2 50   $60 for one form;
  $100 for two purchased as a bundle. 
NHA 2 30   $25 for one form;
  $42 for two purchased as a bundle.
RCAL 1 30   $25 per form.
HCBS 1 30   $25 per form.


Purchase NAB Practice Exams

An account will need to be created on Gmetrix's website to purchase and use the practice exams.

Taking the practice exam provides a micro experience of the actual exam structure, style and configuration of questions, and in a timed format that mirrors the actual exam. When taking the national exam, you will not be provided answers to the questions. To mirror that experience, the answers will not be provided on the practice exams. At the end of the practice exam you will be given your scores, broken out by Domains of Practice, to help indicate the areas where you may need more preparation before the actual exam.